What is Distribution?

Distribution is the process of taking a complete product or service and making it accessible to the customers or businesses who wish to purchase them. Distribution services can be conducted by the producer or through another distributor.


What makes Bridgewater Logistics Distribution Services different?

Our dedicated team at Bridgewater Logistics is committed to delivering your products in the most cost-effective and direct manner as possible. Our project specialists design bespoke solutions for our customers in order to fully satisfy their logistical needs. Distribution Logistics offers businesses several benefits. Some of the advantages it provides include the following:

  • Facilitates demand analysis for replenishment planning
  • Assists in the formation of sales analysis for market planning
  • Allows goods to be tracked from their source to the present location
  • Provides an organized shipping system that assists in time and cost-saving
  • Helps identify every cost element that is associated with the movement of the goods
  • Helps further cross-reference labelling, contract management and returned merchandise authorization


Bridgewater Logistics offers the following types of Distribution:

Bulk Distribution – Bulk distribution is the movement of more than ten tons across any distance. Bridgewater Logistics offers bulk distribution across South Africa with a fleet of super link trucks.

Full Truck Loads (FTL) – Full Truck Loads are used when a customer reserves a dedicated vehicle for a specific shipment.

Less than a Truck Load (LTL) – Less than a truck load is used when a customer cannot fill a truck on their own so various shipments, from a wide variety of origins, are grouped together and sent to the same destination in one vehicle. This helps customers save on their transportation costs.

Consolidated Distribution – Consolidated distribution is similar to less than a truck load. It is used when a single customer cannot fill a truck on their own so multiple shipments are placed onto the same vehicle however they do not have the same destination. This means the truck will have to make multiple stops. Bridgewater Logistics uses consolidated distribution to create full truck loads which are more cost effective for smaller businesses.

Courier Services – Courier services are used for smaller parcels sent nation wide without the expense of using dedicated vehicles. Courier services have an option of overnight services for the urgent deliveries or regular delivery times depending on the urgency of the parcel.

Bridgewater Logistics wide range of distribution services also include:

Express courier services -This includes deliveries to all major cities in South Africa.
Same day deliveries – your products are collected and delivered on the same day.
Next day delivery – for more complex deliveries we collect the products, log them into our state of the art warehousing system and then deliver them the following day.

Economy road freight – Economy freight is the most popular and cost effective option for those companies with more relaxed schedules and heavier loads. Deliveries in all major cities are between 24 to 48 hours while outlying areas can be between 48 to 98 hours lead time.

Air freight – Air freight delivery times are determined by the flight availability. Normal air freight is delivered on the same day or the following day to the major cities.


All of our distribution services are tracked and monitored with our Winfreight management system, giving you peace of mind that your products are being well cared for. Bridgewater Logistics prides itself on its order fulfilment and transportation management skills. Ensuring you get the best service possible with the least amount of costs and time delays.

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