Containerised Transport

Containerised Transport

Transport and Logistics are all about maximising movements of cargo and containers with time constraints and under pressure. The future is evolving in a “less is more” approach. We have the perfect workhorse that will ensure your containerised movements are kept lite and trouble-free. Bridgwater Logistics is proud to introduce a new division, Bridgewater Special Projects with a new vehicle added to our fleet, the powerful 36-ton Steelbro Sidelifter will ensure that promises are delivered, and deadlines met.

Years of innovation and excellence has led to the Steelbro Sidelifter offering convenience, speed and versatility to move containers, allowing many lifts onto the ground, trailers and rail wagons. The Steelbro Sidelifter makes container movements look like child’s play.

It has brought productivity gains, operational flexibility, increased performance and revenues.
Now is the time to partner up with Excellence, Passion and Superiority.


Containerised Transport 

Containerised Transport with Bridgewater Logistics

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    Containerised Transport

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