Containerised Transport

Containerised Transport


Before the introduction of shopping containers in the transport industry products were transported by bales, barrels, crates and sacks which were not cost-effective nor time-efficient.

The first patent for a standardised container that could be transported by ship was done in 1956 – only 66 years ago. These containers are durable, stackable and can be loaded and offloaded using cranes, side lifters and reach stackers which streamline the process of transporting goods from trains and trucks to shipping vessels.

Containers can move cargo across land, sea and air, making this one of the easiest modes of cargo transportation. Since the widespread use of shipping containers for moving goods the efficiency of shipping has improved and costs have been drastically reduced.


Steelbro SB362 


The STEELBRO  mission is to revolutionise workload management in the transportation industry. Specialists in container trailers, container handling and transportation, we develop and manufacture innovative products that save operators time and money. With a deep commitment to service, satisfaction and manufacturing excellence, we are proud to supply STEELBRO Sidelifter solutions to customers around the world.

The SteelBro SB362 is the perfect choice for the Bridgewater Logistics team. The rigid chassis self-loading trailer uses dependable technology, good construction and user-friendly control systems meaning your goods are in capable hands. Even heavy loads can be handled with precision in tight operational situations with the SB362. We know we can deliver the best service for our customers by using the Steel Bro SB362 in our core fleet.


Container Repositioning 


Bridgewater Logistics is a South African based Logistics company that prides itself on providing world-class distribution and transportation services to its clients. Our wide range of trucks and vehicles within our fleet ensures that we can meet all of your transportation needs. This includes assisting your business with repositioning containers within your business warehouse or to and from outdoor events.

Our vehicle offerings:


Low beds (Abnormal)
Extendable Trailers
Links & Flat Decks
1 ton to 34 ton Superlinks
Project-based work including labour and material handling

Containerised Transport with Bridgewater Logistics

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