Bridgewater Logistics is a diversified, full-service trucking, distribution, warehousing & shipping company in South Africa. We have the know-how, the manpower and the service excellence capability to move any piece of equipment or entire plants, anywhere you desire. We pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative in the servicing of our customers. Our focused leadership and knowledgeable staff always have a flexible response to changing customer needs. If you are in need of professional services, contact us today!

Our customized care of service has built lifelong relationships with our clients. Whether it is one move or many the quality and care of our service cannot be matched. Satisfaction delivered day in day out with over 30 years of industry experience.Bridgewater Logistics strives for success to achieve an influence in our circumstances dealing with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations. We recognize our own internal attributes and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference to our customer’s businesses.



Cross Docking

Direct Dedicated Loads


Consulting Project Management

Containerised Transport

Our Mission


Our Mission, to grow with our customers, has been forged by lasting relationships, true understanding and response to specific needs and a level of trust developed second to none. With over 30 years of industry experience and is centrally located, we have the ability to utilize all of our relationships within the port community making a marked difference in our service delivery capability.

Whether you’re a first-time importer or a seasoned logistics manager our team will help you through the logistics of moving your shipment.

Our Transport and Logistics Services
Our comprehensive transport and logistics offering throughout the Southern African Development Community encompasses:

  • The provision of drawing agents at airports;
  • On-line vehicle tracking with SMS notification
  • Direct drives
  • Dedicated loads
  • Instant POD by e-mail
  • Prompt pick-up
  • Fleet management and White-glove services.

Warehouse and Distribution Services:
Our extensive warehouse and distribution services comprise:

  • Undercover warehousing
  • Forklift, as well as hand packs, or unpacks
  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory control and reporting
  • Bulk warehousing
  • Pallet storage and control
  • Container packing, or unpacking
  • High-volume cages
  • Receiving and dispatching of goods

Why Outsource your Transport, Logistics and Warehousing Needs?
Outsourcing your transport, logistics and warehousing requirements to a seasoned service provider allows you to:

  • Mitigate the need for lengthy leases
  • Alleviates the need for reliable and experienced labour
  • Lower costs associated with warehousing and transport
  • Access cost-effective specialised tools

It always seems impossible until it’s done! ~ Nelson Mandela